Sunday, 18 March 2012

New Ventures

I am now working as a freelance Copywriter and can also offer branding, photography (via, website management or simply some advice.

I am interested in working with people who are dedicated and passionate about their business. When I'm not working for my clients, I write fiction. You can find out more on about both my consultancy and my writing on

Thank you to everyone who supported Velvet Boutique, I have now archived the website.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Closure of Online Store

It has been a great six years, but the time has come to move on to new projects.

The VB online shop will be closing this Friday, 10th September. You can read my official statement
or start browsing as it really is your LAST CHANCE TO BUY!!

Jeda xx

Friday, 23 April 2010

April Shenanigans

April has whooshed by! The kids had a choc-and-fun filled Easter with their grandparents while my other half and me dallied in London for three nights. We were down in support of his brother who had a lead in Beyond the Horizon at the National, and had the added perk of staying with one of my best buddies from art college.

Beyond the Horizon has been getting 4* and 5* stars in the Guardian, Independent, Telegraph, etc so it is a very exciting time for my brother-in-law. It's been years since we've been to London, there's never enough time to do an eighth of what you hope to. The Southbank would be a great spot to take the kids... next time.

I just about survived the Easter holidays, but, really, I reckon they have far too many days off! May is rift with them, but it happens to be the school centenary so I'm on the look out for kids Victorian garb. And soon enough it'll be the summer hols - six weeks of entertainment required! Come August it'll only be a year until my youngest is at school, then he'll be old enough to pack off to summer camps with his sister. ;-) "They're only young once" and all that. I've been struggling to practise the cello recently (blame it on the sore joints-see below) but have decided to teach my daughter the piano. I've got a couple of challenges: 1. I can read the bass clef perfectly (well, almost) as cello music is primary written in that one, but treble clef - I aint got a clue! 2. We only have a keyboard with about a 4.5 octave range. Hmmm...

I'm on a six week break from my hormone therapy which has lightened my mood, but it'll take another couple of weeks to see if it has any effect. I must admit I was gutted as just when my energy levels seemed to be clawing back to normal I got hit with 24hr joint pain! I have been threatened with a bone scan but I'm hoping I might get signed off the Tamoxifen. Hubby says not to hold my breath, but I don't know, constant pain versus low risk of secondaries - it's a tough decision in this constant countdown to year five (two down). :-)

In happier news, I have seen some amazing new collections from a few of the VB designers, so must put together a taster for you soon. And JUST IN are some new scribble socks by the lovely Hilary Laing. Been making some great connections on Twitter - catch you over there?

Jeda x

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Wedding Fever

I have a very excited flower-girl-to-be on my hands!
We have had the wonderful news that not only is my brother getting married, but also my partner’s sister as well – the same summer! The grand events may not be taking place until next year, but I am full of wedding fever, especially as one of my oldest friends is tying the knot this July. So all this wedding excitement has inspired me to create a Wedding Ideas page – full of gift recommendations and outfit options. And I will have to be organised as I have offered to make all the flower girl dresses – a total of four! But I cannot forget my son, of course, so will probably have to run up a couple of matching page boy outfits too – phew! Not forgetting the jewellery :-)

In other news there are some delightful door stops now available from Astrid Weigel (and a lovely hand-painted face doll) as well as a few new glam clutches from Dazed Dorothy.

Talented knitwear designer Nicola McGhee is the fine lady behind Mini McGhee - a new label inspired by timeless traditional knit and embroidery textiles. Nicola has created a range of baby blankets in classic baby blue, pink and cream as well as bright stripes - worthy family heirlooms. To compliment the collection she also has a range of soft knitted cushions and drawstring bags made from specially selected vintage fabrics.
New Collections Just In...

Nathalie is the delightful range featuring beautiful hand-drawn prints fusing state-of-the-art technology with traditional craft skills.

The prints are simply charming and have been evolved into belts, cushions and shoulder bags all in tactile satin.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Spring is in the air!

It's still mighty cold but spring is well and truly in the air. I've been loving the sunny days but can't wait until I can cast off the winter woollies - hopefully by June!

I've been a bit quiet on here - naughty girl! Christmas was busy (of course) and January was spent on a secret project and February just flew by. I had my last op in Feb and although it was only a one night stay I ambitiously thought I'd only need two days off work. Well it was a much faster recovery than the big op of 08, just a couple of weeks really :-) So that's me all tidied up now and trying to put the breast cancer behind me. Which is tricky at times, what with my family history of BC and being a mum of two and being a sister of two lovely young ladies...

Well the sunny days have certainly been reflecting my disposition and I am so pleased to be getting my energy levels back. I can't believe that I've just passed 2 years since diagnosis. It's wonderful, but where did those two years go? Recovery, respite, re-cooperation. 2010 is going to be quite a year, I feel like yelling "I'm back!"

Well I am pleased to announce two new fab designers Mini McGhee & Nathalie and new bags from favourite Dazed Dorothy. I'll post pics shortly, but in the mean-time for the latest instant updates best to follow me on Twitter or Facebook. I've just joined Twitter - it's fun!

Jeda x